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at the temperatures. 46 degrees. be right at home in early february. storm watch out for southwestern virginia. as we go through the next 24 is what will be happening. there is a little area of moisture that could bring in a flurry. this is the next batch of low pressure that will be tracking way with a lot of cold air pushing in. what we will see is a lot of snow suppressed more to our south. like richmond will probably get more snow than washington. 70% chance of snow. a dusting looks most likely. that means a 30% chance we will see anything. only a slight chance of seeing than a couple of
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inches. fredericksburg are the areas likely to be seen some snow and several inches. to damage the cherry blossoms. >> sounds good. be sure to make abc7 your home for storm watch coverage. just log on to >> several developments in japan. k as the nation to stabilize the nuclear plant. the prime minister calls the crisis serious. more than 10,000 people are dead missing.0 are rebecca cooper joins us live in a newsroom with the latest. >> japanese officials insist evacuate aneed to larger area surrounding the plant. they are telling people they are
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safe if they stay inside. new worries are contributing to crisis of confidence. the country's prime minister living nearo those plant, acknowledging the losses businesses face. the prime minister said the condition of the plant any optimism yet. for the first time, officials e might be a leak coming from the core of reactor three. >> for the first time they are d breach.t wor asall work has been stopped are stopped.els two workers remain hospitalized burns.diation many japanese residents say there is a loss of confidence. >> government reaction is too late.
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>> across the northeast coast there are basic needs to be met. residents to chop wood to try to cold.ff the those who survived the storm are their 14th day without electricity or food. >> this is very important for us. warm clothing, it is snowing. >> chinese officials announced o tourists arriving from tokyo detained and treated for that were inels excess of a safe levels. the chinese government did not e more information about the radiation. officials insist its residents are safe. to the latest on crisis and libya. cement moree
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control. the u.s. military it will be support role only. the president held a conference call to address criticisms he consulted them before military action began. the president will update leaders on the progress made to nato control. exclusive video of the national air tower controller who was suspended after falling asleep on the job. one of our news crews caught up him as he was leaving his home this afternoon. he admitted he had fallen asleep his overnight shift while trying to contact the tower. the planes landed safely. he suggests technology could prevent a future incident like this one. >> if they start to fall asleep technologies out there
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that can be implemented. >> the incident is sparking major changes. the faa announced radar totrollers are required contact towers to confirm the to guideer is ready plane.oming >> more eyes seem to be writing metro. they plan to install surveillance cameras at entrances at 86 stations. law enforcement agencies will access to the footage. the video will keep a close eye on -- might deter fighting and robbery. >> the police department should be shorthanded. cathy lanier says several retiring at a time when recruiting has stalled. are 200 fewer officers on force at this time s staffing issues have not
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of officers number patrolling the streets. we are one day away from the national cherry blossom festival. the blossoms are already blooming. the peak bloom is expected to on tuesday and last through friday. the festival will have a major throughout theic weekend. list of closures, just go to our web site some politicians are reaching for a drink. where the drink tax is starting to make sense. toldier scam, a warning think they are finding true love online. it is the greenest house ev
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maryland is one step closer imposing a drink tax. the new tax would be 3%. they still need approval from the full general assembly and martin o'malley. authorities are scam involving
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identities of u.s. soldiers. thousands of unsuspecting women dating ahey are deployed soldier on line. con men use real pictures and servicemen some, who fallen in the line of duty. people posing essentially asked their victims to send them large money to buy a satellite phone. >> it is despicable. is why we are going on the offensive to notify people to fall for one of these scams. >> the fbi is searching to find the suspects. it is difficult since many happened on computers. coming up next, high-tech greenhouse. the wave of the future might be in our own backyard. >> we are on storm watch as the snow moves into the region. >> tiger is in the hunt at the
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invitational. there is a team on any more of a caps?reak and they play on what tonight.
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its hard to imagine in a few d live in a house efficient you will not e any electrical bills at all. >> greta kreuz joins us with the details on just such a house. >> the first energy house is billed in gaithersburg. and homeowners are all pretty excited about it. >> these are the energy efficient windows. >> her chevy chase home is size of her previous place and now her utility bills are lower. >> the electricity averages about $200 a month. our guest is 100 in the winter. is $100 in the
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.inter net zerore building a produces asthat energy as it uses. >> it is a living laboratory for because we are trying to measurements. how their't know houses work. >> a family of four will live there. they are using energy just like people. scientists monitor data from door -- for rauch next s garage storage. it is the house of the not too future. >> that is what the net zero to achieve.ry it is a standard for the be usednt so it can throughout the average home. you know how when you buy a car per gallonse miles stickered?
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the plan is to develop the same the housing industry. go to buy a home there a sticker and you can how energy-efficient it is. >> historic ceremony at the pentagon today. than 30 medal of honor recipients celebrated the 150th anniversary of the medal of honor. first signed into law by abraham n during the civil war. a> while the form and criteri i wouldlved somewhat, like to think president lincoln what thisleased with honor stands for today. this is a declaration bestowed the bravest for some of the witnessed acts ever on a battlefield. >> a series of events will be year.hroughout the
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today it is national medal of honor dead. >> -- national medal of honor day. i have a feeling people will up in winter coats. >> i don't think there will be enough snow to damage the daffodils. that is a sad thing. we have seen that in the past, too. outside today the cherry blossoms are beginning to come out. slowed things down. sometainly wonderful blooms out there. our temperatures are only in 40 passed. 44 degrees. was it only a week ago we missed record by one degree -- 80 degrees? our high temperature 49 degrees. our average is close to 60. look at the low, the record at
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19 degrees. look at this cold air. 84 degrees right now in dallas, that boundary these series of spins in the atmosphere. then there will be another one out to our west. here is how it looks. here we are in washington. there has been a few lonesome snowflakes. will see clouds and chilly in the -- in the morning. this is at 7:00 sunday morning. there is the edge of the snow. it is more likely towards l be closer toil moretrack that is getting to the south. you are more likely to be seen several inches of snow. a dusting to flurries. even that.
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right around most of the dusting orn area, a flat. the predicted snowfall -- it is verify our that forecast. sunday morning less than an inch in washington. lexington park, maybe 2-3 inches. into theres will dip 30's. 20's for you folks in the suburbs. cloudy skies but with some sunshine for your saturday. there is this snow rapidly moving out. not a major storm. the middle part of next in the mid 50's. is the latest on the caps? are doing well. is hard to believe this is team in december on a
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losing streak. coach bruce boudreau said alex jason arnett should back to practice on monday. the caps are to be a points behind philadelphia for the tops .y they proved even without they can be the toughest competition. they had an overtime win against the flyers. they face the ottawa senators on road. even though they've placed -- playing the worst team in the late they are not taking anything for granted. >> we want to go to the playoffs on a high. we have to play right to the very last game. >> with all the hype basketball big east two schools made the sweet 16. the city of richmond has that teams in it. tonight they will play kansas. they are not leaving the dance
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early. end. don't want this to it has been an unbelievable year. s is to win the national championship. in the wayind of right now. >> we cannot forget about commonwealth, the team three.ves me rams upset large town. they are on such a hot streak is putting up big numbers. vcu steamrolled over perdue. if you question them, the point set the record straight. been a lot of motivation whenever people doubt you. i thought we have done a great job. take it for what it is worth. >> you cannot talk college hoops williams.derek he gets some serious air with a up chand.
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he helped his team beat the g champs. tiger's performance has not been the arnold palmer invitational, but it is better what we saw recently. he shaves off a couple of strokes. on the ninth hole, more than 50 putts it just off the green. that moved tiger to two under par. on his final hole, the birdie from 20 feet away is good. six shots off the the national's first baseman had on his left shoulder and will miss three games. the manager expects he will be day. for opening is hitting 366 this spring. much more than what people
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expected of him. much more than what people expected of him.
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[music playing] america's beverage companies are working together
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to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottltl and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you. >> you could have 312 million reasons to celebrate this night. for the mega millions. d idea what with their money. >> go on vacation.
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foruse i am well overdue one. vacation around the d with $312 million. this is all part of mega millions. the odds of winning are pretty low, 176 million to one. you can watch the drawing right on abc7 during our 11:00 p.m. newscast. >> you can make bets on your vacation. share and share alike. be sharing some chilly weather over the weekend. if he watched doppler you can this area out to the west. it is associated with a jet stream. about 160 mile an hour winds. for the running, tomorrow in the low 30's. run fast and then a little bit ♪
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me -- with hopes, dreams, challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes, prepari p us for what lies ahead down our next road. colonial williamsburg. be part of the story. an and now is the perfect time,
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with the spring stories package. plan your stay at c conialwilliamsburg.amm.

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